Coconut products
from it's origin

Looking for responsible sourcing of coconut based products? 

Nusako provides the value-added coconut product from it’s original source of Nusantara Islands in Indonesia. 

We are supplier and exporter of coconut products in various  forms:  HFDC, VCO, RBD, CCO and MCT 

Product Quality

Nusako provides high quality coconut products with best price available on the market. Product supply continuity is also our highest concern

Company Integrity

Nusako is young and progressif company with integrity principles since its inception. Trust is our greatest asset

Staff competency

Nusako will support your inqueries with qualified and professional staff also we are friendly at the same time


High Fat Desiccated Coconut (HFDC)

Dessicated Coconuts is the de-shelled, pared, washed, milled, blanced, dried, sifted, hygienically packed meat of the fresh and mature fruit of coconut.



Virgin coconut Oil (VCO )

Virgin Coconut Oil is a clear oil extracted by a special mechanical process from wetdry processing of fresh coconut meat with or without retained coconut flavour. No chemical is added during processing



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